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There is no substitute for good water quality.  However, anything we do to reduce the stress and opportunity for disease is beneficial to our fish.  This is where KoiZyme plays an important role.

Aeromonas and Pseudomonas bacteria are always in the water that our fish live in.  So why is it that our fish are not always sick?  There are several reasons, some of which follow.  The slime coat and scales provide a barrier to prevent the bacteria from attacking the fish just like our skin does for us.  The fish’s own immune system also fights off infection.  Finally, the fish may not make contact with the harmful bacteria.

Why is it that if a fish gets a nick it may or may not get sick?  This is dependent upon the second two defenses above.  If we can improve these two defenses our fish will be safer.  Which brings me to KoiZyme.

 KoiZyme is a non-harmful bacteria that eats the same food that harmful bacteria live on.  The result being the food supply for harmful bacteria decreases and these bacteria die off due to lack of food.  By creating a condition with far less harmful bacteria in the water, the fish are less likely to come into contact with them.  Therefore, the fish are less likely to get sick.

 Normally KoiZyme should be used in the following way.  Initially a dose of 20 ml per 1000 gals. of water should be added to the pond.  This should be done every three days for three treatments and then a maintenance dose of the same amount every two weeks.  One ounce will dose about 1500 gal.  Cost of the product follows: 

8 oz. $19.00
16 oz. $36.00
32 oz. $70.00

I recommend introducing the use of this product when the water temperature reaches 45 degrees in the spring and continuing until the pond is shut down in the fall.  We begin early in the spring because the bacteria in the pond become active at that point.  The immune system in the fish doesn’t start to work until the water temperature reaches 55 degrees, therefore in temperatures from 45 to 55 degrees the fish are very vulnerable.

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