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Tricide Neo

If you keep fish for any period of time, they are going to get an occasional bacterial infection.  This is where Tricide Neo comes in.

It used to be if a fish got an infection it would need antibiotic injections or the fish would die.  With Tricide Neo, the fish is dipped for a few minutes each day for at least 3 days.  Because it kills all the bacteria on the surface of the fish and in the wound, the fish can heal itself.  Because there is no longer any bacteria to slow down the healing, the wounds heal faster.

Tricide Neo works by punching a hole in the wall of bacteria and then an antibody enters the bacteria and kills it.  It will only attack the bacteria.  Tricide Neo is a powder that is mixed with de-ionized water (distilled water).  Any number of fish can be dipped at one time.  Once it is mixed with water it is good for one week.  In the powdered form, it has a shelf life of at least a year and a half.  

Cost of the product follows: 

One gallon $24.99
5 gallons $55.99

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Read what Dr. Erik Johnson has to say about Tricide Neo.

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